Aldo Zilli is an Italian born chef based in the UK. Aldo specializes in Italian, vegetarian and seafood cuisines. Aldo has moved beyond the day to day role of a Chef and now helps other new and existing restaurants  with PR and marketing services.  He has recently helped devise new menus for the San Carlo group of restaurants.

Aldo also runs Master Classes in his cookery school in Chelsea, UK. Aldo teaches some of his most favorite recipes as well as tricks of the read, presentation tips and how to use seasonal produce. A visit to the fish market with tips on buying fish is also included.

Aldo Zilli

Aldo also have a few starter, main and dessert recipes on his blog. I’ve added the following recipes to my to do list:

Baked Cod with Black Olive Crust and Lentils (the olive crust has me intrigued)

Cappuccino Mousse with Banana (a recipe with a can of condensed milk has my attention)

You can read more about Aldo Zilli on his website ALDO ZILLI
Watch Aldo in action:

and watch Gordon Ramsay go undercover in one of Aldo’s cooking courses

(*warning strong language at the end… as expected from Gordon Ramsay!)

Buy Aldo’s books (affiliate):

Fish Cook: From Shrimp to Swordfish

Fresh & Green

Simple Italian Cookery

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