We’ve been looking into┬ásome spice storage ideas this week and it seems they come in a few different types of set ups:

  • stand-alone
  • magnetic
  • revolving
  • mounted
  • standing racks
  • drawer

Below is a selection of the various types of spice storage we found:

STAND ALONE (beautiful glass design):

Libbey 4-1/2-Ounce Spice Jar with Lid, Set of 12


DIY HEX 24 GOLD: Magnetic Spice Rack (Includes 24 EMPTY Hexagonal Glass Jars, Magnetic Gold Lids and Clear 1″ Labels w/ Spice Names)


Olde Thompson 16-Jar Labeled Orbit Spice Rack Jars & Rack


Organize It All 3-Tier Wall-Mounted Spice Rack – Chrome (1812)


DecoBros Spice Rack Stand holder with 18 bottles and 48 Labels, Chrome


Rev-A-Shelf – 4SDI-18 – Wood Spice Drawer Insert


We’ve put together a Pinterest board for spice storage ideas