The TV show One World Kitchen is a new Canadian cooking show. If you are unable to watch it directly, there is still a large range of bit sized videos to watch on the One World Kitchen Website. One World Kitchen features 5 global cuisines – Indian, Thai, Italian, South American and Japanese.  A different chef covers each cuisine.

“The series features five passionate and captivating Canadian cooks, each with a unique background and culinary expertise to share. Each cuisine is explored over six episodes – from age-old traditions and secrets, to fresh recipes and tips. Forget your passport and tear up the takeout menu – One World Kitchen will help you master the world’s hottest cuisines, Canadian style.”

You can find a diverse range of recipes from the different cuisines in the recipes section on the website:

Argentinian Recipes
Indian Recipes
Italian Recipes
Japanese Recipes
Thai Recipes

WEBSITE: One World Kitchen